The Band

A "drinking club" with a "singing problem".

What We're about

We’re a Teignmouth sea shanty crew, who will perform at charity events, and if it’s not a charity event a donation to a selected charity for the night is welcome.

Meet the crew

Martin - The Cox

MartynThe Cox

Ian - The Gig

IanThe Gig

Steve - The Bos'n

SteveThe Bos'n

Mark - The Captain

MarkThe Cap'n

Bob - The Water

BobThe Water

Kev - The Rumble

KevThe Rumble

Mick - The Clock

MickThe Clock

Steve - The Bard

SteveThe Bard

Andy - The Cabin Boy

AndyThe Cabin Boy

Nigel Gusto



JulianThe Doc

Trucker Dave